Our Story...



Hello and thank you for taking the time to want to find out more about who we are.  We are Plain & Simple Australia. We love plain and simple things, clever and funny things, useful and practical things but above all else, beautiful things. Behind every one of our products is a story, some reason why we designed it and lovingly hand make it to share with you.

All our products are 100% designed and lovingly hand poured & crafted in Australia. Our design ethos is to trigger all the senses with sight, touch, sound, taste and feel. Plain & Simple Australia is about aesthetics, indulgence, sharing and feeling good.

Our candles are lovingly hand poured by us using 100% soy wax with lead free cotton wicks, using premium grade fragrances sourced by us for you.

Our body products are hand poured by us using organic and natural ingredients, using premium grade fragrances sourced by us for you.

Our body products are free from sodium laureth sulfates, PEGs, parabens, colourings, bleaches, mineral phosphates, petroleum bi-products, detergents and mineral phosphates and they contain NO mineral tar derivatives or petroleum by-products, and are not tested on animals.

Our taste products are our opportunity to share the things we love with you, simple ingredients and complimentary products because an appetite for food is an appetite for life!

Each and every one of our products come from our hands to yours.

We thank you most sincerely for inviting our Plain & Simple Australia products into your life, we hope to enjoy them with you for many moons to come...

Practical and beautiful,

Plain & Simple Australia.


Enjoy! X