Artist Body 50ml Travel Size

  • Size: 50mls
    Height: 15cm Width: 3cm Depth: 4.5cm

    Shampoo - Won't leave your hair like straw, fragranced with Green Tea and Ginger.

    Conditioner - Helps to eliminate knots and leave your hair silky and smooth, fragranced with Coconut Essence.

    Shaving Cream - Leaves your skin silky and smooth, fragranced with Green Tea and Ginger.

    Gel Soap - Makes every shower a treat, fragranced with French Pear and Sweet Fig.

    Shea Butter - Restores moisture that airplanes, heat and cold can strip away, fragranced with Shea Butter and Silk Extract.

    Hand Cream - Hydrates your skins thirst, fragranced with Sage and Chamomile.

    Illuminator - Uber lux moisturiser that contains a mineral mica pigment to make your skin sparkle, fragranced with Floris Sandalwood.

    Laundry Soap - Perfect for washing smalls in a hand basin, fragranced to smell like the ocean with Sea Salt, Iodine and Ozone.

    Clay Mask - Helps refine pores, restores and freshens your face, natural and unscented, embrace the earth!

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