Every product has a story…. the next time you listen to your favourite tune, you can thank Thomas Edison for discovering the secret to recording sound in 1877 on a cylinder phonograph. I discovered a precious piece of our musical history in a teeny second hand store while holidaying on the Central Coast in NSW Australia. I marvelled at the original Thomas Edison cylinder and while admiring my new treasure Helen and I thought of another special use for the cylinder! I hope you love our testimony to Mr Edison as much as we do XJodie


Lovingly hand poured and hand labelled in Australia using 100% soy wax, premium fragrances and wooden wicks that burn with a crackling flame. The candle will last up to 40 hours and once finished it can be re-purposed, just wash gently in warm water. Keep your Edison Special canister to store nic nacs and look beautiful on display.

Edison Special Candles


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